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Welcome To XDS Holster Review!

I own a Springfield Armory XDS in .45 auto, which happens to use the same holsters and accessories as the 9mm version (and maybe a .40 S&W someday?) My original attraction to the XDS was the NARROW form factor making it easier to carry concealed INSIDE the pants without going out and buying bigger pants!

The .45 auto version was my choice because I have always loved the punch of the .45, and, quite frankly, the .45 report is easier to tolerate sans hearing protection than a 9mm; which I likely will NOT be wearing should I ever have to use it to defend myself and family (which I hope is never anyway).

Concealed Carry has one secret, though, that not everyone understands.

You must be carrying your firearm when you need it!

And in order to be carrying it ALL THE TIME, you have to have a proper HOLSTER for your XDS that allows you to carry it concealed no matter what the weather or what you are wearing.

Currently I’m using a SHTF Gear Ace 1 (Tuckable, IWB) holster for concealed carry and often use the XDS Gear PH1 for the range or just to wear around the house.

Additionally, we will be looking at accessories like, oh by the way, where do you secure your XDS when you have to leave it in the car to go into a post office, FedEx, a 51% establishment (whether you are consuming or not), etc?

Where do you secure it at home, either at night – at the ready, or when you are not carrying it?

How to you clean and maintain your XDS?

I hope to cover all those topics and many more like..

Accessories Like XDS Night Sights

Other things I hope to discuss and review are accessories for the Springfield XDS like night sights, something I want for mine. Maybe a light or a laser, who knows?

One thing for sure is that I love my XDS, I am amazed at how well I can shoot it (I seem to do better with the 5 shot magazine than the 7 – what’s with that?) and will update you here with everything I buy or do with it.

Please leave comments and let me know your thoughts!